Monday, June 23, 2008

new plan...

so, here's the new plan - bulk posts!
this is the outfit i wore today.
and the same dress styled differently.
a stunner shade look for the brief moment of sun yesterday.
i made carol's cake for a small get-together. there are many leftovers.
this is my gardening look. i got lost on the farm only to find out that class was meeting on campus and not on the farm at all. ugh. oh well...i'll just have to come up with another gardening look.
jellie premiere!
and here is a non-cropped shot to show you what i cut out of most pictures. piles of things. and on this one occasion - amy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First day of class!

I like to think that Tyra would say this picture is fierce. I felt a little Prince Harry, but I enjoyed it.

This outfit was also very practical for the rainy-ness that was today.

I added the jacket, but you can tell I didn't get it on in time for the self-timed picture. Oh get the idea. I feel like Tyra would say I look like a gold bird getting ready to take flight.

Laundry Day

So, I don't think this outfit is too bad for a laundry day. It's old...but it works. Also, I look tan!

You can tell my interest is mild,

because I fail to blog in a timely fashion. Here are the updates -

I'm thinking that part of my problem is that I spend too much time explaining the clothes. More time spent blogging leads to more time spent putting off the time-consuming blogging. Therefore...I'm dropping the detailing of each item, unless of course I can't help myself. If you have questions, you'll ask. :) I firmly believe this. I'm also aware of the skimmers out there - skim away!

This outfit saw me through poetry of the 70's and an evening barbecue. That is what I call double duty!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Amanda was Ticked

Off-white T - Old Navy, Houndstooth Sweater - Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Wide Leg Jeans - GAP, Sneakers - New Balance, Beaded Necklace - Bequeathed from Mammaw

Don't be alarmed by the almost palpable angst in these two pictures. Amanda was ticked on Friday the 13th. I'm okay, I'm over it, but I didn't ham it up in the pictures. :) Enjoy! was a two outfit day, so you get double the angst!

Striped Oxford - GAP, Trouser Jeans - GAP, Scarf - GAP

Wow...GAPped out and I didn't even realize it. Nice.

The Scarf!

Pleated Tank - NY&Co., Jeans - GAP, Black Flats - M. Patrick, Scarf - Bindya New York

I was pretty stoked about having a nice and breezy day with plenty of sun. Perfect weather for the wonder tank and the new scarf!

Recognize it?

At the conference, a guy asked me if I was making a political statement.
My response: "No. Just a fashion one."
The response I wish I came up with immediately: "Yes. I stand by Rachael Ray." :)

Oh well...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poetry Perfect

I switched up the outfit to attend a poetry reading tonight with Mark. This reading is part of a larger conference with many academic celebrities in attendance. So...I decided to present a classier front than I did while running around Bangor. I've exchanged the mini + leggings for a pair of NY&Co. straight jeans and i've swapped the black and white sweater (not pictured) of this afternoon for the subtle orange to complement the flats.

This look is still far more coordinated than most intelligentsia would spend time on, but it fits my graduate school position, I think.

Bring on the poetry!